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How to Marble Paint a Natural Stone Column

Marble columns always look great in any home that they are used. However, there are various people from different states like New York, Texas, Chicago, Florida among others who say that the main reason why they have not used marble in their homes is because it is costly. One of the less expensive ways of creating an appeal of marble in the home is through column painting. Below are some of the steps that should guide you in carrying out the task of marble painting:

natural stone column

– There are various marble patterns so in order to get the best one; you should begin by practicing to draw the particular one that you need. You can even check online for various marble patterns so that you are able to choose the right one that will match the style of your home.

Р After coming up with the best marble pattern, move straight to preparing the surface of the column to be painted through scuffing it using sand paper.

– In case there is any imperfections on the column, carefully remove them and fill in all the cracks to a smooth finish. Use a sand paper once again to bring the column to a smooth finish.

– Begin the painting by applying a thin layer of paint using a brush in strokes in those areas where you want the drifts to be. Stop after painting each area to ensure that you are coming up with the right pattern then repaint with strokes that are bolder.

– To bring out the depth and tone of marble, move from dark to softer paint. You should also try to allow the paint to overlap so that you are able to create the true appeal of marble on the column.

– After the whole process, apply about two layers of clear coat paint on the whole column to give it a natural luster of a marble column.

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