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Types of Front Porch Limestone Columns

The most common type of materials that are used to make the front porch columns are stone, FRP, fibreglass, wood, or any other material. Porch columns serve as functional structures for your Texas home and may also serve as decorational structures for your California home.

limestone column

When you visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc., you can be guaranteed to find the best designs made of the finest material. Therefore, what kinds of materials are used to make columns?


Columns can be made of wood. These come with carvings or can be plain. They can also be painted to match with the interior decor of your home. They can be combined with either stone or brick to give them a unique look. Some of the finest woods that are used to make the columns re redwood, teak, maple, oak, pine, cherry, poplar or mahogany.

Fibre glass

Columns can be made from fibre glass. They have become a popular trend among architects and contractors. This is because they are attractive and have resistance to impact.

The fibre glass columns can be either square or round, ridged or smooth. They can be used to design column styles that are classic. The fibre glass columns can be shaped and painted the way that you want. In addition, they do not require that much maintenance.

Aluminium columns

These ones appear elegant and are not expensive as compared to the other columns. They come in a variety of styles and can be suitable for your Florida house. The aluminium columns have the capacity to bear the load of the roof.

Precast stone

These are a replacement of the natural stone columns.  Technology has enabled the recreation of the ancient Roman columns without using the natural stones. These stones are less expensive than the actual ones and less labour intensive.

They also do not have hidden cracks like the natural stone.

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