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Limestone Column design

The stone column adds a unique design to your next projects. The 14ft exterior Corinthians columns and the 10 ft interior Doric Limestone column design will bring the look you are dreaming to true. The limestone comes from south of France.

limestone column design

limestone columns in luxury bathroom

During the last century columns have been used in major construction projects like the Chicago Convention center, court houses across the United States and Canada.

In Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and in Great Neck, NY the marble and stone companies use these special column to add quality, luxury, and design with an unforgiveable look.

Many of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) many times uses the stone columns in their projects. During the last decade there has been an increase of order for marble columns by builders in New York, Toronto, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In today’s home building the builders want to use the latest design and top quality products because it will increase the value of the new house and its design.

The stone columns also were used in many of the Southern California home and New York Apartment of famous celebrities, and top level executives pay respect to the stone column.

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