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Different Types of Marble Column Designs

Columns have always been an important part of building architecture since their use by the ancient Greeks. Columns add visual interest to thee building, value and most importantly support to the building structure. The various column designs available are:

marble column design

Doric column design

This is the oldest column design that was first in use by the ancient Greeks as early as the seventh century.  The Doric column is also the simplest.  The column has a top that is shaped like a disc at the top. The column lacks an identifiable base and is generally a wider type of column that is grooved or fluted from the top to the bottom.

Ionic column design

The ionic column design is another development by the ancient Greeks and though it is almost similar to the fluted Doric column design, it is amore decorative and even slimmer version than the Doric design. The main features of the ionic column design that sets it apart from the Doric include its intricate curves, squared base that is thinner than Doric design, spiraling horns, and a capital that is carved, scrolled and heavy. The legendary designs that have Ionic designs in history include erechtheion in Athens and the Coliseum in Rome. Though the Ionic design is like the Doric design in many aspects, it is considered to be a stronger and elegant improvement.

Roman and Tuscan

The Roman columns are thicker and more classic than the legendary Greek design. The Roman and the Tuscan were however designed with cues from the Greek designs. The Tuscan columns are the simplest of columns. They are tapered, do not have flutes and their shafts are very smooth.  They are mainly plain but a lot more improved than the Doric column with a base and capital that are plain and diameter seven times smaller than the height.

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