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Custom Onyx Columns in Custom Built Homes

The popularity of using granite inside homes is rapidly increasing, which is why there is a need for enough knowledge in polishing these items all by yourself. More often, onyx and granite are used as tiles, countertops, and tabletops. Onyx columns are also becoming a regular element in many homes.

onyx column

While huge structures such as columns must be attended by professionals such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc, countertops and floor sections can easily be polished by the owner. If the etchings and scratches are too much to handle however, you can always call the aforementioned company at 1-888-272-0630. They are available in Texas and major states in the US.

Polishing your Granite Columns, Onyx-imbued Decorations and Furniture

If you are planning to polish your beloved pieces all by yourself, you should prepare the following materials:

  •      Chamois
  •      Lint-free cloths
  •      Shine-enhancing sealer
  •      Stone cleaners

What to do

  •      Make sure that the stone is clean. Use a stone cleaner which can be bought in spray bottles. Spray the cleaner directly on the surface and clean it well using a lint-free cloth.
  •      Make sure that your chamois is damp enough so it will properly buff the dull surfaces of your granite or marble. If the scratches are minor, a chamois should be able to brighten them up.
  •      For counter and tabletops, use sealer in order to restore the marble/granite’s shine. You can pour the sealer directly onto the surface, and buff it using a chamois. The shine-enhancing sealer will not only restore the glow of your marbles; it will also protect it from further damage.

As an owner of such valuable things, keep in mind that you should be able to counteract if something should happen. Minor issues can be easily resolved but if you need replacements or restorations, call a professional handler right away.


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