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Interior and Exterior Stone Columns

Some people may feel the need to redecorate the interior pillars of their house. Some columns are installed as decorative pieces themselves; but there are those which can cause quite an eyesore, especially if they are just plain and too bulky. To avoid this situation, all you have to do is decorate it.

Tall marble columns are very intricate to look at, especially if it is original. Some however have faux marbles, which are just interior columns painted professionally to appear like a marble.

exterior stone column

Actually, there is no need to call a professional if you want to change the look of bland columns.  But if you want to install new ones or maybe completely change the look of it, there are some companies in Toronto which can do it for you. One example is Marvelous Marble Design Inc and they can be reached at 1-888-272-0630.

Things to Supply for Redesigning Boring Columns

  •      Glaze or gloss
  •     Paint
  •      Newspaper for paint drops
  •      Various paintbrushes
  •     Silk, cloth, faux flowers or any decorative piece

What to do

  •      Choose a paint color that will suit the color of your house or the part of your home where the columns are located.
  •      Use newspapers to cover the spaces where repainting is unnecessary. You can also use drop cloths to avoid paint from staining the floor.
  •      It is better to pain the interior pillars with solid colors, while a neutral shade will best suit the living room columns.
  •      Using a medium paintbrush or a roller, cover the columns with glaze or gloss. If you want a glossier look, apply two coats of glaze.
  •      If you want your columns to be more visual, wrap silk around it by using a wire, or use the wire to string in some faux flowers to create a more dramatic look.


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Square Stone Columns

Unlike round columns that we usually see, square columns give off a certain edge that would definitely give element to your house or an establishment that you own. In huge establishments, columns are installed not only for its integral part in supporting the structure, but to enhance the appearance of the establishment as well.

square stone column


In weddings, it is important to define the element of your design according to the interior or exterior appearance of the venue. If it should happen that the venue you chose has square columns, you should know how to decorate it in order to optimize its unusual structure.

Cast stone columns are lovely to look at by itself, but if you are stuck with plain and boring pillars, you should definitely do something about it. However, if you notice chips, cracks, stains and other damages, you should contact a professional right away, especially if you are working with structures in large houses.

For assistance with columns, custom designs and such, call Marvelous Marble Design Inc at 1-888-272-0630.

Materials for Decorating Columns

  •      Garland
  •      Glue
  •      Faux flowers
  •      Tulle
  •      Measuring tape
  •      Scissors
  •      Tape
  •      J hook
  •      Satin / silk cloth

What next?

Technically, let your imagination drive you. Unlike round columns, square pillars have flat surfaces, which make it easier for you to decorate it. If the columns appear mundane, add some color and texture to it. You can either use soft cloths like satin or silk and drape it around the edges to give off a more dramatic look.

You can also make faux flower garlands and wrap it around the pillars. This will work well especially in spring/summer themed weddings. Square pillars can also be repainted. Hire a professional painter to do the job and either marbleize your columns or splash some artistic and abstract designs to it.


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Calcutta marble Columns

Having marble structures in your house requires proper care and cleaning. It is known to every homeowner that authentic marble is expensive, which is why there is a need to properly take care of it, in order to preserve its beauty.

calcutta marble column

Solid shaft columns can be hard to clean, but slabs in your kitchen, fireplace, and any part of the house are fairly easy to take care of. You can clean small pieces by yourself and let the professionals take care of the rest which are huge and quite hard to reach.

If you Calcutta marble columns in your house, it is best to call a professional in order to restore its natural beauty and maintain its longevity. One company you can call in Houston is Marvelous Marble Design Inc. makes incredible marble structures and designs which will fit the architectural design of your home or establishment. They can be reached through 1-888-272-0630.

Cleaning Tools

  •      Automotive paste wax
  •      Household ammonia
  •      Household bleach
  •      Mild soap
  •      Soft cleaning brush
  •      Sponge

What to do

  •      If your marble columns are situated in an area where standing water is prone to happen, make sure to regularly get rid of it. If soap scum is present, clean it with a mixture of ¼ cup ammonia and a gallon of water. Scrub it well to remove stubborn scum.
  •      Bleach can be used to remove algae and soil in outdoor marbles. Scrub the surface with a gallon of water and ½ cup of bleach.
  •      Use automotive paste wax to polish the surface and retain the marble’s natural glossy look. Avoid using buffer, as this may destroy the marble.
  •      Avoid strong cleaners, especially those which are mixed with acid, vinegar and lemon oil. This can permanently make marks on the marble or incur scratches.

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Custom Stone Columns in Luxury Homes

All of us are aware of the fact that people in the ancient times had used columns already. The first columns used are made of wooden materials. They came up with beautiful designs and one particular design that had been widely used in Greek period is the fluted columns. The fluted designs which are vertical indentations had appeared on the surface of the wood after its bark was peeled off. Even interior columns used before are fluted columns as well. When stoned made columns such as Greek columns, limestone columns, marble columns and granite columns started to exist, fluted designs were also adapted and applied.

custom stone column

These days, you can notice that most of the houses built in Miami, Vancouver, Los Angeles and even Mansions or large houses use fluted columns to support their roof and walls as well. Though solid shaft columns are undoubtedly pleasing to look custom design columns can make columns look lovelier. Fluted column designs can grant your home that ancient Greek ambiance with modern touch because of the modern furniture and appliances included in the house. Stone made fluted columns contain that unique gorgeousness like Italian marble columns, granite columns, limestone columns and marble columns.


Tall marble columns can look even taller once they have fluted designs making them ideal for large houses even for high end residential. If you love things from the past, you will surely greatly appreciate fluted columns for they can make you savor that ancient ambiance without you leaving your house. Marble columns in the bathroom will make it more stylish and favorable than those simple ones that may not last for long. Check out what other column types that manufacturers such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc has install for your house improvement  This manufacturer is reachable through their phone number 1-888-272-0630.



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Custom Onyx Columns in Custom Built Homes

The popularity of using granite inside homes is rapidly increasing, which is why there is a need for enough knowledge in polishing these items all by yourself. More often, onyx and granite are used as tiles, countertops, and tabletops. Onyx columns are also becoming a regular element in many homes.

onyx column

While huge structures such as columns must be attended by professionals such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc, countertops and floor sections can easily be polished by the owner. If the etchings and scratches are too much to handle however, you can always call the aforementioned company at 1-888-272-0630. They are available in Texas and major states in the US.

Polishing your Granite Columns, Onyx-imbued Decorations and Furniture

If you are planning to polish your beloved pieces all by yourself, you should prepare the following materials:

  •      Chamois
  •      Lint-free cloths
  •      Shine-enhancing sealer
  •      Stone cleaners

What to do

  •      Make sure that the stone is clean. Use a stone cleaner which can be bought in spray bottles. Spray the cleaner directly on the surface and clean it well using a lint-free cloth.
  •      Make sure that your chamois is damp enough so it will properly buff the dull surfaces of your granite or marble. If the scratches are minor, a chamois should be able to brighten them up.
  •      For counter and tabletops, use sealer in order to restore the marble/granite’s shine. You can pour the sealer directly onto the surface, and buff it using a chamois. The shine-enhancing sealer will not only restore the glow of your marbles; it will also protect it from further damage.

As an owner of such valuable things, keep in mind that you should be able to counteract if something should happen. Minor issues can be easily resolved but if you need replacements or restorations, call a professional handler right away.


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Custom Marble Columns

We all know that marble cost a lot, but you don’t have to produce a hefty sum just so you can have something marbleized inside your home. Marbleizing columns can be done by using the faux kind, and if done properly, can create the perfect illusion that what you have, indeed, are marble columns.


custom marble column


Things to Prepare:

  •      Base color paint
  •      Extra shades of base color paint
  •      Paint glaze
  •      Vein color paint
  •      Soft rag or sponge
  •      Roller brush
  •      Craft brush
  •    Soft dry paint brush
  •      Narrow brush
  •      Sealer

These things can either be prepared by you, or call a design company such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc in California to help you out. These people can help you in decorating your basic columns and transform them into extravagant structures. You can reach them at 1-888-272-0630.

What to do

Regardless if you have Greek or Italian marble columns, let your designer decide the best shades and patterns to apply. If you have ideas regarding marble structures, you can also give your input, so as to express your own element.

  •       Choose the proper paint intended for interior or exterior marble design.
  •      Clean the surface of your columns so the base coat can be applied. For this, a roller brush would evenly do the trick.
  •      Add the glaze for a see-through effect. The more glaze you use, the more see-through your background will be.
  •      The veining bands will come out by using a medium brush. Ask the artist to blend them carefully. The key is to avoid any sharp edges.
  •      The twist and twirls can be more emphasized by using a narrow brush. Let the paint dry.
  •      For a polished look, seal the column using a satin sealer; or if you want a glossier effect, a gloss sealer will do.


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Why Your Home Needs Column Designs

Everyone wants to live in a classy and luxurious house. However, what they do not know is that you do not have to  buy dig  deep into the pockets  to buy an  expensive  mansion in order to live  in a centre of attraction  house since it is possible  to  make your  humble house  get that classy as well as elegant look that you  have wanted. Wondering if that is possible? Well, the answer is a big ‘yes’. So what is the secret of giving your house that elegant look? Very simple, only one word can define what a home needs, and that ‘column’. Yes, column designs are becoming very popular among many homes in the United States of America. This is because most home builders are going for different column designs for homes to bring out art work in homes. And believe it or not, this idea is working like a charm.

column design

There are numerous column designs sold in  Florida, Texas, Toronto and Los Angeles.the columna  pieces  are made up of various material .Some of the materials used are Wood , marble product, fiberglass-reinforced polymer  and even  plaster.yuo can  find  limestone,marble, as well as Stone columns.most people go for marble columns  and who can blame them?  Marble columns  give a home that peaceful and calm feeling. Most of the times you will find the marble columns at the enterance of a home. You are probably wondering how  columns are designed; well, there are a number of designs of columns for you to choose from. Some designs are rounded, triangular, rectangular and so on. It is important to know which  column shape is suitable for your home i.e. get to know whether you would want a very detailed ornate column, a sleek or a plain one? most individuals opt for  sleek  column, normally the pillars, come in  only  four shapes which include square, round  and tapered round and square. Apart from that, they also come in plain and decorative finishes, that is, fluted, carved or embossed.

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Why Column Designs, From Marvelous Marble Design Inc. Have Become a Preference For Many Homeowners

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is a renowned company that has been providing column designs to homeowners and contractors for a long time. This company has helped many homeowners have desired looks on their homes. Today, buildings in Chicago, Florida, New York and other parts of the world are having unique and attractive looks as a result of installation of these building materials. Column designs are available in different varieties which make it possible for homeowners to achieve the looks they want by having them installed in their homes. You can choose sand stone column, marble column designs or even marfil marble installed in your home. With this variety, you can achieve the look of your dream in your home.

When choosing column designs to have installed in your home, it is important that you have the look you want in your home. This is because column designs are available in different colors. The best color is the one that match or complement the decor of your home. Therefore, have a look that you want your home before choosing the ones to purchase. Perhaps, there could be a design that you saw in a movie or at a friend’s home. You can achieve this look by having the right column design installed in your home.

Column designs are also available in different lengths which make it possible for you to have them installed in different applications. You can have them installed on the ceiling. They can also be installed just in front of your home. These building materials have become popular among homeowners in Toronto, Texas and other locations. When chosen an installed properly, these materials give a home a shinny and impressive look. You can be sure that by having column designs installed in front of your home, you will capture attention of everyone who will visit your home.

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Types of Front Porch Limestone Columns

The most common type of materials that are used to make the front porch columns are stone, FRP, fibreglass, wood, or any other material. Porch columns serve as functional structures for your Texas home and may also serve as decorational structures for your California home.

limestone column

When you visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc., you can be guaranteed to find the best designs made of the finest material. Therefore, what kinds of materials are used to make columns?


Columns can be made of wood. These come with carvings or can be plain. They can also be painted to match with the interior decor of your home. They can be combined with either stone or brick to give them a unique look. Some of the finest woods that are used to make the columns re redwood, teak, maple, oak, pine, cherry, poplar or mahogany.

Fibre glass

Columns can be made from fibre glass. They have become a popular trend among architects and contractors. This is because they are attractive and have resistance to impact.

The fibre glass columns can be either square or round, ridged or smooth. They can be used to design column styles that are classic. The fibre glass columns can be shaped and painted the way that you want. In addition, they do not require that much maintenance.

Aluminium columns

These ones appear elegant and are not expensive as compared to the other columns. They come in a variety of styles and can be suitable for your Florida house. The aluminium columns have the capacity to bear the load of the roof.

Precast stone

These are a replacement of the natural stone columns.  Technology has enabled the recreation of the ancient Roman columns without using the natural stones. These stones are less expensive than the actual ones and less labour intensive.

They also do not have hidden cracks like the natural stone.

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Quality Columns Design For Your Home

Creating a whole new look in your home is not a hard task today. This is based on the fact that columns design has been specially designed to fully transform your home into a haven of comfort. A beautiful home creates an ideal environment where you and friends can relax and have fun. Marble columns design is one of the best columns you can settle for in the market. It comes with a wide range of impressive features that make it ideal for modern and luxurious homes in Chicago, Florida, Texas and Toronto. They are made of high quality material and each detail is incorporated to add instant appeal and value to  your home.

columns design

Columns design including marble colums design feature smooth texture  and have a polished look. The design itself is very unique and will make your home one of a kind. Additionally, the design is aunthentic and very creative. This make it an ideal option for you especially if you want to add an artistic touch to your home. It is also a perfect material that will fully transform your home and harmonize your ambience indoors and outdoors. The patterns that the column design display is simply amazing. Whether youu settle for natural sandstone columns or marble, you can rest assured that the patterns will enhance your interior and exterior decor.

Whats more, columns design come in a wide range of styles and designs. This gives you an opportunity to achieve your decorative goals best. You can settle for variations that match with your existing decor or simply a variation that will create a whole new look in your home. The columns are also highly functional, versatile and modern. The colors are incredible  and add a touch of beauty and diversity to your home. You only need to define your needs and settle for quality column for a lasting decorative look in your home.

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How to Marble Paint a Natural Stone Column

Marble columns always look great in any home that they are used. However, there are various people from different states like New York, Texas, Chicago, Florida among others who say that the main reason why they have not used marble in their homes is because it is costly. One of the less expensive ways of creating an appeal of marble in the home is through column painting. Below are some of the steps that should guide you in carrying out the task of marble painting:

natural stone column

– There are various marble patterns so in order to get the best one; you should begin by practicing to draw the particular one that you need. You can even check online for various marble patterns so that you are able to choose the right one that will match the style of your home.

–  After coming up with the best marble pattern, move straight to preparing the surface of the column to be painted through scuffing it using sand paper.

– In case there is any imperfections on the column, carefully remove them and fill in all the cracks to a smooth finish. Use a sand paper once again to bring the column to a smooth finish.

– Begin the painting by applying a thin layer of paint using a brush in strokes in those areas where you want the drifts to be. Stop after painting each area to ensure that you are coming up with the right pattern then repaint with strokes that are bolder.

– To bring out the depth and tone of marble, move from dark to softer paint. You should also try to allow the paint to overlap so that you are able to create the true appeal of marble on the column.

– After the whole process, apply about two layers of clear coat paint on the whole column to give it a natural luster of a marble column.

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Different Types of Marble Column Designs

Columns have always been an important part of building architecture since their use by the ancient Greeks. Columns add visual interest to thee building, value and most importantly support to the building structure. The various column designs available are:

marble column design

Doric column design

This is the oldest column design that was first in use by the ancient Greeks as early as the seventh century.  The Doric column is also the simplest.  The column has a top that is shaped like a disc at the top. The column lacks an identifiable base and is generally a wider type of column that is grooved or fluted from the top to the bottom.

Ionic column design

The ionic column design is another development by the ancient Greeks and though it is almost similar to the fluted Doric column design, it is amore decorative and even slimmer version than the Doric design. The main features of the ionic column design that sets it apart from the Doric include its intricate curves, squared base that is thinner than Doric design, spiraling horns, and a capital that is carved, scrolled and heavy. The legendary designs that have Ionic designs in history include erechtheion in Athens and the Coliseum in Rome. Though the Ionic design is like the Doric design in many aspects, it is considered to be a stronger and elegant improvement.

Roman and Tuscan

The Roman columns are thicker and more classic than the legendary Greek design. The Roman and the Tuscan were however designed with cues from the Greek designs. The Tuscan columns are the simplest of columns. They are tapered, do not have flutes and their shafts are very smooth.  They are mainly plain but a lot more improved than the Doric column with a base and capital that are plain and diameter seven times smaller than the height.

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Decorate Your Home With Limestone Column Designs

Architectural columns are one of the best ways to decorate your home and make it look more appealing. Columns have the capacity to add a classic feel to your home whether you prefer to have them on your pouch or simply in your interior.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. has a variety of designs that you can choose from therefore if you are living in your Los Angeles condo or your New York mansion, you can be assured that you will find something for you here.

limestone column design

Columns help to support the weight of your structure by transferring the weight to the below elements such as another floor or the ground floor. The square columns are used to support your home and serve as the backbone. Manufactures of the columns can choose to design the pillars in order to make them more attractive.

Part from being functional pieces, pillars often also serve as decorating elements for your home. The pieces can either be attached to the wall or they can be arched at the door way.

The columns at the porch can be used as additional support for your roofing or as decorative pieces. Both the square and the cylindrical columns have three parts. The top part of the columns is known as the capital or the cap. This part is usually wider so as to enable it to support the weight of another floor, the roof or the arch.

If you want to go for a simple look, the Tuscan or the Doric style are more appealing for your Florida home. If you want to have something that is more elaborate and sophisticated, your safest bet would be to go with the Corinthian cap. The tapering on the columns prevents the pillar from becoming deformed due to the weight that it supports.

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Limestone Columns Design- Why They Are Great For Your Home

With a wide range of columns design in the market, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t own a beautiful home. Today, columns come in a wide range of beautiful designs. Therefore, they can be used both on the interior and exterior parts of your home; you only to define your needs and pay attention to your existing décor. Once you have a clear idea of the kind of environment you wish to create in a home, it becomes easy to settle for columns that work best for your. There are many beautiful designs that suit old and modern homes.

limestone column

Columns designs also come in amazing styles. Therefore, you can choose the best to enhance beauty and elegance in your home. They are designed in a unique way to suit even the most luxurious homes in New York, Chicago, Florida and Texas. With the columns, you can achieve an incredible and luxurious look in the house. They are gorgeous and feature perfect arts for your home. They are not only great for your construction needs. The columns have been enhanced to offer that decorative look in your home. You can settle for a gorgeous white, pink, beige or red columns design depending on your personal needs. The good thing is that each piece guarantees an awesome look.

Additionally, columns design, offer a whole new and natural look in the house. This is based on the fact that they are inspired by great architects and each piece make a great accessory in a home. Similarly, they are made of high quality materials. Therefore, they last over a long haul. Therefore, you will always enjoy that great, unique and decorative look that will make your home an envy of your friends. They columns are also elegant and add an instant value to your house.

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Custom Marble Columns Design for an Artistic Touch in Your Home

There are many ways of enhancing beauty and elegance in a home including the use of columns designs. They are increasingly popular in the market today and are an excellent of creating a whole new look in your home. This is based on the fact that columns designs are inspired by great architects. They come in a wide range of beautiful styles and designs. Depending on the size and existing décor in your home, you can always choose a design completes the look. The columns are designed in a way that offers an excellent artistic touch both on the interior and exterior of your property. This means you can always enhance that luxurious home in Florida and Texas by choosing the best and matching columns. You can build a luxurius archway with white or pink columns among others. 

custom marble columnThe columns are natural and feature creative art pieces. Different home owners would prefer different designs and styles to complete the look in their homes. Whether you are interested in amazing styles from Italy or Spain, you can rest assured to find the best in the market to add an artistic touch to your home in  Toronto and Los Angeles. The pieces are natural, creatively decorated and come in a wide range of sizes. This is custom made to enhance beauty and elegance in your home while creating a whole fresh and new environment that you have always dreamt of. There are better and elegant columns that feature floral and spiral arts. They add an artistic touch and offer a fancy look in your home. You can also settle for columns that feature a carved corinthian top on each corner of the slab to create a focal point in your home. More importantly, ensure to define your needs and get the best columns that will create a decorative look in your house and add an instant value.

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Interior Luxury Stone Pilasters and Limestone Marble Columns

This beautiful limestone marble column is a necessity in all Californian style mansions. This column accentuates a medieval Rome feel into any custom built mansion. A great way to add detail into a simple and empty space and a wonderful piece of artwork.

limestone marble column

This beautiful stone column is an extravagant piece and will look wonderful in any custom built home. Also a gorgeous piece to have in any Californian, New York, Pennsylvania, or Florida home.

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marble columns in living room

in any luxury custom built house you can find marble columns in different rooms.

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Luxury marble columns in Foyer

having the luxury marble columns in your luxury foyer will change the whole house look. you can make your entrance look like old castle or even contemporary loft by having different columns design .

luxury hallway

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Limestone Column design

The stone column adds a unique design to your next projects. The 14ft exterior Corinthians columns and the 10 ft interior Doric Limestone column design will bring the look you are dreaming to true. The limestone comes from south of France.

limestone column design

limestone columns in luxury bathroom

During the last century columns have been used in major construction projects like the Chicago Convention center, court houses across the United States and Canada.

In Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and in Great Neck, NY the marble and stone companies use these special column to add quality, luxury, and design with an unforgiveable look.

Many of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) many times uses the stone columns in their projects. During the last decade there has been an increase of order for marble columns by builders in New York, Toronto, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In today’s home building the builders want to use the latest design and top quality products because it will increase the value of the new house and its design.

The stone columns also were used in many of the Southern California home and New York Apartment of famous celebrities, and top level executives pay respect to the stone column.

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